Here's my Card
Here's how we support communities
in Southern Africa...

Here’s My Card is dedicated to helping others and thus we have aligned ourselves with several very worthwhile causes.

Here's my Card
Dance for All is a non-profit organisation that has been teaching dance to historically disadvantaged children since 1991 in Cape Town. It offers daily tuition to over 1000 children of all ages in various Cape Town townships, disadvantaged suburbs and rural outreach programmes. A variety of dance and ballet programmes offers classes and technical training to young dancers whose skills are nurtured with intense dance classes and workshops.

We support them by regularly donating to their ‘wish list’, supporting all their events and Kerry will be assisting some of the programmes as she has a strong dance background.
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Township Patterns is a unique partnership between a Social Enterprise, a non-profit organisation and worker-owned co-operatives. Together they design and produce great, eco-friendly, authentically African products and bring opportunity, professionalism and economic development to women in previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Here’s My Card have designed beach bags that have been created exclusively by Township Patterns for us and our clients. Beautifully hand-made township fair trade bags are produced by previously disadvantaged women in Cape Town. Each item sold directly improves their lives directly. If you are interested in purchasing one of the bags, please do contact us:
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Here’s My Card financially supports a London based teacher in her wish to work with children back in South Africa who have Aids. Her aim is to be part of a team working for Thembalitsha, a charity that has various arms involved in a range of community-based projects in the Cape, South Africa. One of these projects is the Village of Hope in Grabouw where children with HIV/Aids are housed, either temporarily until they can be reintroduced back into community or permanently where placement is more difficult. These children need healthy food, the correct drugs and lots of love and care.
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Both Kerry and Clare are passionate about conservation and offer support and awareness to African charities, including the annual Gorilla Run which raises funds for this much endangered species. Clare has been a committed participant for the last 3 years, and Kerry joined Clare to complete the run in September 2008.
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Here’s My Card and More Hotels are proudly supporting the 2009 12th annual South African Golf Day. This annual event raises funds for charities in South Africa who provide care for children directly or indirectly affected by AIDS. The charities include Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, The FW De Klerk Foundation, MaAfrika Tikkun, Thuthuka, Starfish and Greathearts Foundation.

Our prize alone raised over £4,500 for the charities.
Here’s My Card, Cape Grace and Chitwa Chitwa are proudly supporting Lewis Moody and Geordan Murphy’s testimonial year. This Studio 54 themed event will raise funds for charities like Hope HIV who support children and young people in sub-Saharan Africa affected by HIV/AIDS.

Our prize alone raised over £6,500 for the charities.